Australian National College

Student Testimonial
ANC has international students from many countries including: China, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Columbia, South America and Nigeria.
yang ting ting_china

Yang Ting Ting, China

Yang Ting Ting belongs to Beijing city in China. She came to Australia to study hospitality. After finishing her studies in hospitality Yang decided that she wanted to learn more about the principles of the business world. That led her to enroll in Diploma of Business at ANC. “ ANC has unique experience to offer”, she says excitedly. Yang enjoys watching Hollywood movies and is a food lover. French and Chinese cuisine are her favorite. She wants to open own her own business in Australia and is confident that her experience at ANC will take her a long way. 

vietnam student

Kim Nghia Huynh, Vietnam

Kim comes from a Can Tho City in Vietnam and has arrived to Australia to expend her educational horizons. She previously studied at Victorian University but her passion for design has led her to ANC. “ I want to become a Graphic Designer and after I complete this course I would like to go back to Vietnam to pursue career in design” she states confidently. Kim has just started classes in January 2010 at ANC but already she has made some friends and has developed a sense of warm and friendly ANC culture. “Staff and trainers are very friendly and helpful and that gives me a great encouragement” she said. 

chinese student 2

Henry, China

Henry is a Chinese student who came to Australia to study automotive mechanic. During the course of his study he became interested in setting his own business therefore Henry enrolled in Diploma of Business at ANC. “I find the staff at ANC very helpful ”, he says confidently. Henry wants to travel to China after the completion of his course. He wants to work towards expending his family business. Henry is certain that the skills and knowledge he acquired at ANC will help him achieve his goals.  

indian student 1

Neena Elsa Justine, India

“It is a quality education here at ANC”, Neena confidently states. Neena always wanted to have a complete study experience where she could be able to express her creativity and passion.“I find the trainers very helpful and very knowledgeable. There is a sense of purpose that you can fee within the ANC staff and students. It is because of ANC I have developed a passion for design and multimedia”. Neena wants to pursue higher education at the end of her course. She wants to experience the University life in Melbourne!


Udani Anuradha, Sri Lanka

“Hello, I am Udani. I come from Sri Lanka. I have been here since middle of year 2007. For me, Melbourne is pretty, interesting and exciting. I see it was so easy to settle to the Melbourne. Melbourne is a wonderful place to study because: Most of the time the people are friendly; Transport services are very convenient; Clear road instruction; Safe environment; Very good education; Good accommodation facilities and The safest place to stay and continue your studies. There are many beautiful places to discover in Melbourne such as beautiful architecture, beaches, natural sceneries, wild life, sports etc…and there are many study pathways if you want to continue your studies and there are also many opportunities to increase your abilities and skills in your field. Finally, I want to say life as an international student is so easy and safe. Once you are here you will not want to leave Melbourne for sure. It is the right place for you to be successful in your future life.”