Australian National College

How to Accept
How to accept the course offer?
If the student's application is successful, a Letter of Offer with enclosed Enrolment Acceptance Agreement will be then forwarded to the student for them to sign and return it to ANC Admission office.
Step 1: Read the Letter of Offer and enclosed Enrolment Acceptance Agreement.

  • It should outline the following:
  • Student's name and date of birth
  • Course name
  • Course start date and completion date
  • Overseas student health cover (OSHC) details
  • Tuition fees and other fees
  • Refund policy and process
  • Required Initial deposit amount
  • Bank account details of ANC
  • Contact information of ANC
Step 2: Sign and return the Enrolment Acceptance Agreement
Step 3: Pay the initial tuition fee deposit 
  • Students can pay the initial deposit amount by international telegraphic transfer or bank draft. Please quote student's full name and passport number as reference if paying by international transfer. ANC bank account details will be mentioned on the Letter of Offer (enclosed Enrolment Acceptance Agreement).
Step 4: Get the CoE