Australian National College

Current Students

                                             Student Support Services 


As part of your introduction to ANC, an orientation program will be conducted in your first week at ANC. In the orientation you will be brief about the following:

         Student Handbook

         Student support services available to ANC  students

         Transfer between providers

         Monitor Course Progress and attendance

         Facilities and resources at ANC

         How to use the student portal of ANC

         Australian Education System

      Student visa conditions relating to course   progress and   Attendance requirements

         Legal Services contacts

         Local Transport




         Climate, Police and Government services

    Emergency and Health Services (including information   about private insurance) and detailed

         information on accommodation

         Complaints and Appeals process

         Yours rights and obligation as an international students

         Work and study rights in Australia


Student Welfare Staff

For other matters, ANC has a dedicated team of student support staff and a student welfare officer to look after the student needs. Student may seek the following services:

  • Information about transport, accommodation, public services, life in Melbourne.
  • Career advice.
  • Resume preparation
  • Student extracurricular activities.
  • Medical care and health insurance.
  • Personal matter consultation.
  • Rights and responsibilities of international students.
  • General information and enquiries.

Critical incident or emergency

ANC has a designated staff member who ANC students can contact in case of a critical incident or emergency. 

Primary contact: CEO

Phone:+61 3 9662 3300

Students should contact our primary contact if you find yourself in critical incidents or emergencies, which include but are not limited to:

  • Medical emergencies involving a student
  • Critical illness of a student.
  • Sexual Assault
  • Mental Health Crisis
  • Drug / Alcohol Overdose
  • Campus Disturbance / Riot
  • Fire / Explosion with Injuries or Significant Damage
  • Natural Disasters (in Australia and overseas)
  • Airplane Crashes
  • International Hostage Situations/ Kidnappings
  • National Emergencies
  • Hate/Bias