Australian National College

ANC Mission

The mission of Australian National College is to provide global educational opportunities that emphasize skills and knowledge that will allow the student to adjust through a lifetime of social and technological changes and thus become a part of global workforce. We recognize that education is vital in developing skills needed for a productive society and essential in promoting the individual’s sense of worth, values, and high ethical standards.


ANC is committed to offering quality education that meets the needs of its students and assisting them in clarifying and pursuing their professional and educational goals. In fulfilling our mission, the institution sets forth the following objectives: 


  • To provide a varied selection of academic curricula in business and specialised areas enriched with instruction in general education.
  • To provide the students with a background of job skills this will enhance their employability opportunities.
  • To provide the students with fundamental skills which contribute to success in their careers and in their personal endeavour.
  • To lead the student in the self-discovery process of clarifying and raising the individual’s goals and achievements commensurate with the student’s potential.
  • To provide a framework and atmosphere of learning which will enhance the student’s capability to demonstrate ethical and moral values in professional, personal, and business situations.
  • To strive for and maintain excellence in business, specialised, and general education by systematically reviewing classroom facilities, equipment, curricula, faculty, and staff.
  • To make available to our students activities and experiences which foster personal growth and leadership qualities that will assist students in their social, vocational, and academic pursuits.
  • To maintain a process of communication with the community of employers to assure relevant curricula to meet the developing needs of the industry.

ANC Principles


We value responsible, accountable, ethical behaviour in an atmosphere of honest, open communication with mutual respect and caring for each other. 


We value creative risk-taking and enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas. 

Continuous Improvement

We value continuous improvement of our programs, services, and processes through employee empowerment and professional development in a team-based culture. 

Customer Focus

We value commitment to students’ success and satisfaction by responding to customer needs. 


We value an educational environment that attracts, nurtures, and supports a diverse student and staff community. 

Continuing education

We offer a variety of training and professional programs.

Academic support services

We will provide students Academic services that include a comprehensive learning resource centre and basic skills activities that complement instruction.

Student support services

We will strive to provide assessment, advising, counselling, tutoring, and social and cultural activities for all students, including those with special needs. 

Promotion of cross-cultural understanding and appreciation

We will promote through instructional and social activities that contribute to cultural awareness and interaction. 

Involvement of business, industry, and professional groups

We value in continuous planning and revising educational programs to meet workforce needs. 

An environment conducive to learning

We value in providing modern campuses, facilities and wellness oriented programs and services.