Australian National College

ANC Accommodation

ANC staff can assist and provide you with the information regarding temporary and long-term accommodation booking. Once you get your student visa and book the airline ticket, you can contact us to get support with accommodation arrangement. The rent fees are normally as follows:

Temporary accommodation in Melbourne city:
  1. Single room: from $80 - $100 per day
  2. Shared room (4-6 people): from $40 - $60 one person per day. 
Long term accommodation in student apartments, student hostels nearby Melbourne city
  1. Single room: from A$200 to A$250 per week.
  2. Shared double bedroom: from $160 to A$220 one person per week. 
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The deposit rent fee will be required by property-owner when you book a temporary or long-term accommodation. All bookings must be made at least 3 days before your arrival in Melbourne.


Accommodation Self Arrangement

Students who want to arrange accommodation yourself see the below helpful instruction about temporary and long-term accommodation in Melbourne.


Temporary accommodation 

You may want to have a temporary accommodation if you need somewhere to stay whilst searching for permanent housing. See some suggestions below to consider.  


Long-term accommodation 

You can find information about houses/flats/rooms in Melbourne for rent at some suggestions below.  


Advice for students

Most students usually go for shared accommodation such as room share or house share. It is cheaper to go for shared accommodation. Rental properties are normally leased for a minimum of 6 - 12 months. You will need to pay a rent bond, which normally covers from 2 to 4 weeks rent fee. The bond is returned to you when you have finished your rent contract. Rent fee may include or exclude the electricity, gas, internet and phone bills. You should check these additional costs before signing a leasing contract.  

There are other ways to find accommodation in Melbourne. Students can check the advertisements in the city, local newspapers or online. The Melbourne Age has advertisements for flats and share houses each week. You will probably need to telephone to make an appointment to meet the house owner and people who live in the house.  

You can also visit a real estate agent to see if they have any suitable property for you to rent. If you rent a place yourself you may have to find other people to share with you. 

List of Real Estate Agents

BP City Real Estate

396 Latrobe St, Melbourne 3000 Ph: (03) 9602 3866

Central Equity Apartments - Real Estate Agents

365 Queen St, Melbourne 3000 Ph: (03) 9600 1111

City First National - Real Estate Agents Suite 

201, 546 Collins St, Melbourne 3000 Ph: 1300 309 399