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Why study at ANC      

ANC, located in the heart of Melbourne city, has a global outlook and boasts a highly experienced, vibrant and innovative training environment and thus making a professional difference in Australian education sector. We make available to our students the knowledge, activities and experiences which will foster their personal growth and leadership qualities and assist them in their social, vocational, and academic pursuits.  


Five reasons to choose ANC     
  1. Dynamic and inspiring learning culture
    Students will enjoy and benefit from the dynamic and inspiring academic culture created by ANC staff, and the international student community.
  2. Great location in Melbourne City
    ANC campus is located in the heart of Melbourne city with easy access to public transport. It brings the ideal location for its students to participate in various studies, work and play opportunities in a truly multi-cultural environment.
  3. Highly qualified teachers and professional teaching facilities
    Courses are delivered by our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff who are not only passionate about teaching but also to provide you with the practical and rewarding learning experience. ANC campus is equipped with modern amenities and students have access to computer labs fitted with latest equipments.
  4. Excellent student services
    ANC seeks to provide its students with excellent student services. Our staff offer support to the students regarding their issues, accommodation arrangement, extracurricular activities, career advice, personal matters. Students are encouraged to come and meet our friendly ANC student support team whenever they need help.
  5. Value for money
    ANC seeks to provide affordable education for all without cutting corners. We believe our courses are excellent value for your money.